January 29, 2010

Healthy Living Tips From Our Pets

I'm not sure how anyone can resist a small little kitten . . . sweet, energetic, athletic bundles of fur bounding to amazing heights and hiding away in the smallest of places . . . kitties that turn into warm, loyal and quiet house companions that require little but warm your lap and your heart with just one little purr. How do you resist that?

I've been thinkin' lots lately about kitties again because, as it turns out, Siberian cats in all their beauty and smartness also have a unique quality ~ folks with allergies to cats (that would be me) don't react to, or react much much less (I want that to be me!) to this breed! So, I'm ecstatic because we're thinking about the possibility of having a little meow friend again. I think having pets really does help us to be healthy...in lots of ways.

Then, I was reading a blog post over at Fighting An Enemy Called Average about how dogs seem to have the innate ability to look at every day as the best day ever . . . every walk is the BEST walk, every meal is the BEST meal, every snack is the BEST snack, every playtime is the BEST playtime. You get the idea. Sounds like a pretty healthy attitude, doesn't it? Adopting that attitude could keep us very busy!

It's Friday, so it's time to have a little light-hearted fun with our healthy endeavors. Sit back for a few minutes, indulge yourself a little and watch this 2 minute cute video on the education we can get about healthy living from our little furry friends.

Happy weekend everyone! See you Monday.



  1. Cute Cute Video! Great advise too. :^) Also, I am going to try that BEST day ever attitude of Geo's dog at "Fighting An Enemy Called Average".

  2. Hi Chreyl,
    Great posts lately! I just wanted to say that I peek in every so often and check on the weight loss tracker and your progress, and I am so happy for you that the scale is moving again! That's wonderful! Keep it up! And I am once again, running (too)! So count me as one of your fellow runners.

    I decided to take a don't ask permission, ask forgiveness, attitude toward my body. I can't wait until I feel good enough to run. I have to run despite how I feel. So far, it is paying off!

    Keep it up girlfriend!