January 10, 2010

Rule #1

So, my personal trainer talked to me about how often to weigh in. After being down 4 pounds earlier in the week, I got on the scale Friday morning only to see that the total loss was now just 2.6. Hmmm, what happened?

There's a lot of things I have to work at to be good, but one thing I have down pat is analyzing. So my little mind went to work right away trying to figure out what happened, in between bouts of discouragement and, uh, obsessing. I mean my head was in overdrive analyzing every little bite of food, every moment I wasn't exercising, and wondering what I could do differently to get the results I'm looking for.

So, as I'm thinking about all this, I start wondering if the scale is off. To test it, I decide to weigh my 5 pound free weights. Then I weigh myself again. Then I drink a glass of water. And weigh myself again. Then I pee. And, yes, weigh myself again. Uh huh.

Ever heard the phrase paralysis by analysis? Ah-emmm. Yeah, too much thinking about things creates giant mind potholes to fall into and it can get very dark in there, you might think you are seeing something new and brilliant, and feel so enlightened. But, then you realize what you're seeing is just the other side of your rut,.

Ashley, my personal trainer said "if you weigh yourself every day you are going to get very obsessed and very discouraged." {I nod knowingly.}

I know everyone must do what works for them, but I made my first rule . . . weighing in happens on Monday morning as soon as I get up. Not before. For no reason. Ever.

And, this is helping me breathe again. And to trust the process. Because when I create a calorie deficit, the weight will come off.

Workin' it,


  1. Scale obsession is an old friend of mine, lol. I weigh in Sunday mornings. Only. If I feel myself getting focused on the scale too much I put it away for awhile. Helps. Great job on the loss!

  2. same time, once a week, same amt of clothing (optional), but after you pee. :) Never more than once a week, and never at a different time of day. otherwise you'll go nuts with all the fluctuations!


  3. I asked this same questions on my blog Desperately Seeking Size-Ten - To Weigh or Not To Weigh. Come on over to see my replies :) I've been weighing everyday & journaling my results to have a better understanding about how I fluctuate. But if it stops working (I obsess) then I'm going to once a week. Thanks for following My Lipstick Life on Twitter!

  4. I weighed daily as recently as 2 weeks ago, and your trainer is right- I became ridiculously discouraged. I would analyze whether that bottle of water was it or those extra pickles at Subway. Not fun!

    My Weight Watchers weigh-in day is Saturday, first thing in the morning. As a daily weigher, it's hard to break the habit, so I am allowing myself a peek on Wednesday AM. This way, I will know if I need to maybe lay off the sodium, do more exercises, etc. Eventually though, I'd like to go back to the time when I didn't have a scale and only weighed in at my WW meeting. This forced me to stay positive, stay on program and stay motivated, and really...isn't that the key to long term success?

    Bottom line- once a week!

  5. @kat So when you put it away, do you then depend on how your clothes are fitting to gauge progress?

    @Jen I think I'm going to make a weight loss chart, too, to see trends (bigger picture). Thanks.

    @My Lipstick Life So the fluctuations don't discourage you? Curious, do you keep a weight loss chart to see the bigger picture?

    @Monica That sounds like a happy compromise. Does it ever happen that you are lower on Wed than you are on Sat, and if so, does it discourage you?

  6. I'm a big fan of charting weight and working to maintain a trend, not a daily number. My weight can fluctuate tremendously depending on my hydration level so I've learned not to worry about a few pounds up or even down. I worry about looking at the past month and making sure I see a trend I like. In this case, I'm fighting FOR a downward spiral. =)

    I wish you all the best with your weightloss journey. You can do this. I can do this. We'll get this thing done!

  7. @Seth thank you brother! Gonna make that chart today, I think that's a GREAT idea. Thanks too for stopping by!

  8. I'm weighing daily because I have to at the moment. But I'm liking the way I think more about what I'm eating the next day and as a result make very good choices.

    And I love making charts!

  9. Pat-Don't be discouraged. I am losing weight right along with you. I am using strength and toning for now and will and cardio soon so I can get the balanced program that I need. I will only step on the new scale once a week and that will be Sat mornings, before the hard to face, eating wise, weekends. I have been working out every night with resistant bands because they are lower impact that free weights although I use them for a couple of my exercises. I also cut back on size of meals and cut out the vending junk. It really makes a difference.So far I lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks. So be encouraged and hang in there Cheryl.