January 6, 2010

Inspiration: A Coat of Many Colors

I spent the noon hour yesterday with Heidi, a friend I met a couple of years ago.  We haven't seen each other for several months, but both of us are valiantly fighting the battle of the bulge this year AND both of us decided, independent of one another to go public with it.  When we learned we were following a similar journey, we made a date for coffee.

It was so cool to get together with her...Heidi is the proud mom of two beautiful children, adoring wife to a talented, amazing man and owner of at least one small business.  And, she's one of those energetic and real people that you just love hanging around.  What has always struck me about her is how transparent she lives her life, a trait that I greatly admire.  With Heidi, there is no guessing what she thinks or believes and wants, she's just right out there with it.  Not in an over-the-top sort of way...just the opposite.   She's one of the most affirming women you'll ever meet, and always sincere.  And, it'd been too long, in my opinion, since we spent any time together.

We had a great time talking about our individual journey's, the struggles, the victories, how we're feeling, recipes, strategies, all of it.  (You can check out her blog here.)  And, we had a chance to catch up with what else is going on in our worlds.  I left encouraged, inspired and happy . . . it was just what I needed early on in my journey when the motivation is still high and the desire to keep it that way is strong.  Just felt like that extra little boost that keeps the tank full and moving forward instead of running on empty and sputtering to a halt.

Who inspires you in your life and how do they do it?  Have you ever had a time in your life when you didn't have a "Heidi"? (I have.)  How did you manage?  Please share something in the comments....lets encourage each other along the way.



  1. I have a bunch of Heidi's....but they don't live near me.

  2. Thank you so much! You are an amazing woman! I am blessed to have you on my team!

  3. @Connie Can you even imagine your life without them? So so important, no matter what we're doing.

    @Heidi Most welcome, lovely lady! The blessing is, without a doubt, mutual.

  4. I could never imagine life without the wonderful friendships God has blessed me with throughout my life. They have each touched my life in a very special way and helped to make me a better person. I truly cherish each and everyone of them.

  5. @Diane I am a girl who loves my time by myself so I tend towards isolating myself . . . until I spend time with a friend or friends and realize how much I want and need these relationship. You are right, friendships are a gift!