January 18, 2010

Resisting Temptation

On the heels of an amazingly successful week of work, parties, and NOT succumbing to even just a taste of the birthday cakes (yes, there were two), munchies, and left over sweets from Christmas, I was kind of worn out on Saturday morning. The last party of the week broke up just before 11 Friday night and as I laid my head on the pillow next to my happy husband, I felt quite proud of myself for not giving in to all the temptations I had faced.

But, Saturday came and I relaxed . . . didn't do any planning for the day's food. Unfortunately, my trusty fall-back salad was also gone, and wouldn't you know it, I woke up hungry, really hungry.

Thus, the end of a week that was filled with victories started to come undone. Like Big Mac undone. And a mini $100,000 candy bar undone. And, chips and salsa undone.

As I sat thinking about it all, I realized that the Big Mac could have been replaced easily with a Subway sandwich for a fraction of the fat, and the chips that accompanied the healthy salsa could have been what my friend Heidi made, Kale Chips, a recipe I've been really wanting to try. And the candy bar? Just totally not even worth it.

But, I was tired. And feeling a bit of entitlement after resisting so many things all week. After I finished licking my fingers and enjoying the lingering taste of my chosen sins, I decided that while a Big Mac (metaphorically speaking of course) doesn't add much nutrition to my body, maybe the whole faux pas could teach, even inform my 2010 goals of a thing or two.

Seriously? I was skeptical too that a Big Mac would have anything valuable to say. But, here's my takeaway from my drive-thru snafu:

A PLANNED afternoon of indulgence is better than an unplanned one.

Not too deep I know, but what can we really expect from a Big Mac anyway?

What do you guys think? When we have a particularly challenging week and succeed at resisting the temptations, should we schedule a reward?

Talk to me,

P.S. Seriously, guys, I messed up but thankfully all the resisting that I did manage netted me a nice weight loss - down 3.6 pounds this past week! Woo hoo!


  1. Yes, I believe in rewards, but after reading all the weight loss books about rewarding one's self, is that it shouldn't be done in the form of food. Rather a pedicure or a movie or something you wouldn't normally do. However, I do believe like you stated in planned indulgences. Know what you are going to eat and look forward to it. As you know I also cheated this week. I do know had I planned on that Pizza I would have likely done more work-out to warrant it. There's my thoughts. NICE WORK Cheryl. You did a great job!

  2. i'm not sure about scheduling rewards but sometimes it's nice to look forward to something special. Looks like you garnered wisdom from your drive-thru snafu {cute} so keep moving forward! Congrats on 3.6 lbs of victory!

  3. "Fail to plan. Plan to fail." Been there done that too! I like that you didn't give up. And you reflected on how you arrived there so next time ... Thanks for the encouragement to continue!

  4. Schedule a reward before a workout or straight after. ;) That's what I do.

  5. I really think your scale needs to have a talk with my scale, LOL.
    Yes, what relaly can we expect from a big mac, you totally had me rolling there.
    I have some friends that have cheat days, or cheat meals. Where they plan to allow off plan things during that chosen time. It seems to work OK for them. I personally have such a hard time getting back on track that I don't...but then I sometimes end up with 'bad days' and wonder if I allowed it occassionally I wouldn't?? Sorry, writing a book. Great post!

  6. It’s cool that a hamburger can be a teacher. I realize that I need to be thinking subway not mcd too. I am glad that the cakes are gone so that my sugar intake can be reduced too. I am impressed with the strength that I see in you Honey! Whoohoo!
    Her Hubs

  7. A friend and I are PLANNING to take a mutual friend to tea in Williamsburg on the 27th. I am PLANNING on spending $20 for my portion of tiny sandwiches and sweets and a scone with clotted cream. I am PLANNING on breaking my diet for that one meal and going right back to the discipline I am holding to for my 2010. I was also fussed at today for not taking my Omega 3s and drinking the required amount of water. It seems we all have some improvements to make over this week!

    I am happy for you that you have a supportive husband :o)


  8. I think my fear has been like Kat's . . . falling off the wagon only to stay off of it for awhile. And, the moment I say I can never have something again is the moment I will probably start wanting/craving it.

    And, sounds like hubs is coming around too. ;) Good shift in your thinking, love.