January 4, 2010

Gathering Support

Doesn't that just make you smile?!  We all need friends like that whether we're in a really good place in our lives, struggling or facing big challenges ahead.  We all need that kind of love!

And, so I've been thinking about contingency plans for the year, pondering how to handle the days with the natural ebb and flow that I know my feelings are going to ride.  Yes, it's amazing to feel so motivated at the beginning, and yet I've been at this place enough times to know that feelings just don't stick around and are not terribly consistent.  Conclusion?  I can't depend on my feelings to get me through.

So, I'm reaching out, gathering support first from all you amazing friends and family as well as taking advantage of opportunities to join other groups of people who are rallying this year too.  Today I registered with the Pound For Pound Challenge.  I've seen the on-air segments during The Biggest Loser show, but never knew what it was really all about.  So, today when I realized that I needed some kind of a group style challenge, I googled for ideas.

PFP is pretty amazing actually.  For every pound I lose, the organization will donate one pound of food to a local food shelf in my area.  There's no cost to register, and there's a ton of support!  So while I'm becoming lighter and healthier, I am also helping someone in need of food to survive.  Beautiful! I was all over that and got all signed up.

Another resource of support is my local gym.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with Ashley Carlson, a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness.  We've already done an initial assessment, and tomorrow she'll be setting up a plan for me for the coming month to begin moving more and in a way that won't cause injury.  I got so pumped this past summer when I started feeling better that I completely overdid my routine and ended up in physical therapy and off my feet.  Lesson learned!  I am really excited about tomorrow's meeting, and will let you guys know how it goes and what I'm doing.

If you know of other groups or resources for support...or if you have other ideas of how to stay on the path, I would love to learn about them.

Movin' out surrounded,

P.S.  Beginning January 11 and every Monday after that, there will be updates on the number of pounds and inches lost.  Hope you'll come back and check up on me and hold me accountable. ;)


  1. Good luck Cheryl. What an exciting journey!

  2. I am there with you Cheryl! Cheers to the new year and the new you!:)

  3. Thanks Natalie & Design Girl! Settling into my new routine now and look forward to seeing changes soon.