January 28, 2010

Pants On The Ground ~ Almost

I may do my fair share of complaining about the cold weather here in Minnesota, but yesterday I was one happy chic to live here. And, not because spring arrived early or I have a trip planned to the Bahamas. The reason I was happy, even relieved to live in the land of uneven snow pack in between parked cars and single digit temps is because of my pants.

Here's what happened. The hubs called me from work to say he was coming down with a bad cold, so I ran to the store to pick up stuff to make some homemade chicken noodle soup. And, as I was walking the aisles at my local grocery, I felt it...my pants....they were like baggy saggy around my butt! I even had to hike them up, and you can bet I smiled every time.

Ok, so they weren't as drastic as pants on the ground, but still, they were noticeably saggy. I was a saggy bottom girl and so very proud.

Now, if I lived in Manning, South Carolina I could have been given a $25 ticket for that! That's right, a city ordinance was proposed last year to start handing out tickets for wearing droopy drawers. Seriously! Read all about it here.

So, I celebrated a little, right there in the chicken stock aisle by doing a little dance, just letting the sag wag on. And, I spent my $25 on a yummy dinner for my sick husband with some change to spare. It's great to live in Minnesota.

Celebrating another victory,


  1. Who-hoo! Time to celebrate and plan a shopping trip. FYI - I just recently found out what the whole "Pants on the Ground" thing was all about!

  2. Way to go Cheryl!!

  3. Fantastic! Time to get into skinnier pants girl! Doesn't that make you feel good?

  4. @Pam, soon, very soon!

    @Anonymous Martie, Thank you! Thanks for visiting.

    @Weighting Around, it DOES make me feel good! In fact, on down days I think I'll just my saggy baggy pants on to be cheered up!

    @Kat, I think you take the cake on levity, girl! Thanks for the compliment, tho!

  5. Yay! Pants on the Ground! (love the title of the post btw...)

    I've been wearing some pants that 2 weeks ago were too tight to wear comfortably...and now they are comfortable...but not quite yet baggy enough to risk falling off...but just give me a couple more weeks! ;)

  6. If you want baggy pants from time to time, make sure you do not get the stretchy kind. It takes a lot longer to get there. If you need them to last longer because of budget constraints, they are great~


  7. Love it. You crack me up! I was thinking about investing in a pair of suspenders, that way I can get more use out of my pants without having to cinch them with a belt. Nice work! Hugs to you.