January 7, 2010

PJ Thursday

For some reason, I just didn't seem to be able to get going this morning.  Or this afternoon.  I spent most of the day reading and wondering why I felt so down.  Finally at around 4:30 I scooted myself out the door to the gym where I had a good cardio workout along with some strength training.  That perked me up a little.  But, today was definitely one of those lazy days where jammies-all-day was very tempting.

And, for the first time since I began this, I felt my resolve weaken just a tad.  But as I pondered eating a breaded and deep fried chicken strip, I thought about what I wanted more than that....a thin, healthy body.  So, instead I made myself a really nice, gorgeous salad, kind of like the one we had on New Year's Day.  Mmmmmmmm.  Can't say that the chicken strip wouldn't have tasted good, but what's that saying . . . nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

So, the journey now feels real...and I'm glad that I've experienced the first dip.  Just means that the education of a lifetime has already begun.

As you can see I have already posted a weight loss at the top of the right hand column. I just couldn't wait to see! And, woohoo, I think it was a successful first week!  I'll still get on the scale tomorrow morning and report in, but I'm going to move the official weigh in day to Monday.  So after tomorrow, the next weigh in and report will happen on January 18.

See you tomorrow,


  1. Hey Cheri, I've been reading a great book about rebellion (Enemy access denied, John Bevere), and realized some areas (lots) that I am rebellious in. And he talks about the deception that leads us to question God and His goodness. And I want to share a thought God gave me while I was reading this--one that I'm trying to return to as I *want* to eat what I should not.

    Will I trust and obey God's giving to me delicious fruits and veggies (and meat) to eat--food that nourishes and strengthens me--food that sets me free from this body and its appetite? OR will I ignore God's generosity and feel He's withholding "good" things from me?

    When I am eating the proper amt of fruits and veggies in a day (5-6 servings), I do not crave the other foods as much--the ones that end up adding lbs to my body. In fact, in the past, after weeks of training my body to eat the proper amt of fruits/veggies--I actually craved them MORE than chocolate or chips or junk food when I was given the choice between them. It amazed me!

    Anyway, that's my little help right now--and YAH for 4 lbs--whoohoo!!!!

  2. Congrats!!!
    I am tracking right with you! You inspired me, and I am down 4 pounds too! it's great to have someone else who is doing this too!

  3. @Jen, Yes, I am very familiar with Rockin' Rebellion! My task is learning to submit to the right people, the right processes, and remember that God gave me this life to live, not let it live me. And, natural foods, what can I say...they are the bomb!

    @Carrie, Woohoo!!! I am so happy you are traveling beside me! I have this vision in my head of being on a trek across America, sort of knowing what states I'll travel through and the conditions I may encounter, but no idea exactly what that will look like and how it's all going to affect me, change me...just knowing it will! Together we can make it all the way!

  4. I'm struggling with wanting to snack today.....I just keep trying to remember why I'm doing this and that I don't want to ruin everything.

    Have a great day!

  5. @Connie Yah, the "why" in all of this is what will keep us going. You WILL get past that hurdle you've been bravely facing every day, hang in there!

  6. Cheryl - just like you I 'couldn't wait to see' and jumped on the scale on Thursday to check things out. 4 pounds down then..and I've been tempted to weigh in multiple times a day since then, but haven't...mostly due to the reasons you wrote about on your most recent post! BUT I will weigh again on Monday so I can post my first week loss amount on my blog...but it sure better be more than 4 pounds! ;)

    PS - Keep up the good work!