January 12, 2010

I Don't Like Salads

But, THIS is what I have been enjoying lately . . .

Underneath the luscious red tomatoes,

the brilliant orange bell pepper,

the refreshing cucumber,

the crunchy bean sprouts,

and the pile of thinly sliced red onions

are mounds of chopped romaine lettuce and spinach. Depending on which meal I'm having, I top it with a sliced hard boiled egg and/or chicken breast, and a little of Brianne's All Natural Poppyseed Dressing. I am telling you, I am quickly becoming a salad girl!

And, I'm asking myself, how is this happening? I am the girl who has NEVER been into salads . . . EVER. Could this also be the result of a mind that has been set, that even my taste buds have begun to change?

Whatever the reason, I am loving it! And, my body seems to be loving it also. Anybody else experience these kind of amazing changes?

Scratching head while smiling,


  1. I've never been a salad girl either. My parents never served one and I discovered them in the cafeteria in High School.

    I love everything you put on yours...and I always get hard boiled egg on mine at the salad bar.


  2. Mmmmm!! Salad!!! My blog is dedicated to them <3

  3. @Connie We had salads growing up VERY infrequently but when we did they were with blue cheese dressing...blechhh. So, I added no dressing to mine and thought it was all pretty boring! I think what is getting me addicted to this salad is the dressing...a tiny bit goes a long way, too.

    @Bonnie Welcome! I follow you on twitter, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Looks great! Will you be my chef? :)

  5. It is absolutely true that your wants change when you set your mind to change. Yay! This is so awesome....and I think I'll make a salad like that Friday afternoon.

  6. @Diane Ha! I think being a chef of healthy food would be an awesome job. :)

    @Kenz :) Thanks for the encouragement ~ in an effort to move more toward eating seasonal local foods, I need to come up with an equally appetizing way to eat all those winter root crops. Ideas?

  7. I used to only like salads for the dressing...but then, my salads were merely lettuce and perhaps some shredded carrots. BUT NOW...with all the yummy stuff you can put into that salad that I didn't think of before (like the peppers, sprouts, and other add-ins), the dressing is just another one of the many flavors! I'm loving salad too on my new journey! (and thanks for sharing your...mmmmGood!)

  8. @Mami And, the chopped salad is particularly good cuz you get a taste of LOTS of flavors all in one bite! You are welcome, its fun finding new ways to lose weight.

  9. That pic looks wonderful and tasty! I love salads... you've got me craving one now.:)

  10. @Heidi Yeah, there's something about a photo that does that...and why I didn't post a photo of the Pineapple Upside Down Cake!