January 4, 2010

Pain and Pleasure

Is it humanely possible for every muscle to feel stretched, worked and uh, even beat up and AT THE SAME TIME feel happy about it? Ha! Yes, yes it is!!!  All those endorphins are hugging me tonight big time.

I met with Miss Ashley Carlsen this afternoon at Lifetime Fitness for my first personal training session.  Ashley said she might stop by the blog to see what I would say about her, so I guess I need to watch myself...who knows what she'd do to me next time if I say something bad about her!  Ashely, you are great, and thanks for not yelling at me Jillian-style!

Seriously, it was a grueling workout for me, but I learned soooo many new exercises that are going to increase both my strength and flexibility.  Some of them I couldn't even do, but that won't be true for long! I love having something to work toward, a challenge, so this is all good.  When I walked out of the club and down the steps, my legs were like jello ~ made me laugh right out loud!

On the food front, I made some veggie lasagna when I got home in an effort to drastically increase my veggie intake . . . fire roasted tomatoes, Italian no-meat sauce, cauliflower, carrots and bell pepper, layered with a mixture of cheeses, spinach, garlic and Italian spices in between brown rice lasagna noodles.  It's in the oven right now and smells AMAZING!

So, as I recover tonight from Ashley's abuse expert advice and wisdom, all of me feels like this journey is totally underway. 

Sore and smiling,


  1. I would love to see that recipe Cheryl! I too was at the gym last night working on the treadmill for about 45 mins. No pain no gain right lol.. I am right there with ya girl! :)

  2. @Di - thanks for the ongoing encouragement. Knowing that friends are cheering me on is motivating and inspiring.

    @Design Girl - I'll email it to you! Really delicious and filling ~ recipe says it serves 6, but we cut it into 8 and one piece was enough. Way to work it hard on the treadmill, too!

  3. Way to go Cheryl! You are motivating me with all your enthusiasm... p.s. your lasagna smells delicious. :)

  4. @Heidi The whole hallway smelled good that night! Thanks for cheering me on too. :)