February 1, 2010

The Magic of a Clean Slate

I am soooo glad it's February 1, aren't you? The first day of a new month, it's like a brand new beginning, a clean slate.

And, a brand new beginning is exactly what I needed, because the scale is stuck.  Ugh. I hate that, and especially at the end of the month when I was so hoping to meet my one month goal of 10 pounds down. I really do think there is something wrong with my scale, but I decided to shelve that excuse because, really, Cheryl? Your scale is broken?  I weighed myself, like 10 times this morning, and granted, got about 9 different numbers.  Still, none of them were lower than my number last week.

So, on this very first day of February,  I got a brand new start . . . that is, just as soon as I was done hosting a pity party that I personally scheduled, proudly attended, and now acknowledge is over. There is just no point in indulging beyond 30 minutes or so of blank staring on the couch in my robe.  There are bigger and better fish to fry than that, don't ya think?

I have learned from so many of you of the wisdom of looking for successes in other places, but before I can go there, I must take an hour or so to figure out what happened. I mean, what REALLY happened? This part is so hard but so important too....ok, I DIDN'T work my butt off (obviously), I slipped a couple of days on my food (not horribly really, but just dense calorie foods laden with cheese and fat, my major weakness).  I also had french fries once instead of fruit. Plus, I was kind of negative, a bit stressed out and just overall felt unmotivated.

I know I'm not alone. And, this happens, it's all a part of the process...blah blah blah. But, I'm not gonna cut myself any slack. Slack is how I got to where I am right now. Slack is average.  Slack is kinda lazy.  Slack, my friends, is a slippery slope. So, there will be no slack, cuz honestly, I am NOT a slacker!

Here's the bright spot, the silver lining, the glow bracelet worth showing off ~ today as I was picking myself up off the couch, I realized that instead of heading for the kitchen, I was lacing up my sneakers!  Now, isn't that just way cool?!  It was like an einstein moment for me, proof that despite my broken scale, I really am making progress.  Changing life long habits do NOT turn around on a dime, but I think I may just have this puppy turned around! 

So, I just want to say how happy I am, yes, that it's February 1, but also to have all of you following me on this journey, cheering me on, encouraging me when I just wanna pout, even caring when I have my einstein moments, and just being here.  I really could not be doing this without you!


P.S. Now, off to buy a new, accurate scale. :)


  1. fall off the horse, get on the treadmill. I like it! And, well... some days are just better than others! Stay with it cause you're doing great!

  2. Slacking is a slippery slope, agreed! I was slacking on my workouts all weekend...worked out this morning, feel fab! Can't wait to hear about the new scale.

  3. Sometimes I think I can flirt with old ways and it won't affect me cuz I'm really settled on making sure I reach my goals. But, why mess up the momentum? Another thing, my doc said 2.5# every week is pretty aggressive, he'd like to see me tone it down to 1.5-2. Adjusting my mindset without getting off track.

  4. Amen. A clean slate is a great gift. Every morning is new not just Feb though.

    And don't listen to that aggrevating critter the groundhog. It's sunshine for us!

  5. Howdy - I am looking at the same issues. Check out my blog http://gettinghealthy2010-linda.blogspot.com. We're both in the blogmasters' club!

  6. You are doing GREAT Cheryl...and there is more to it than the numbers on the scale (though it'd be great if those numbers would move along as we'd like them to!). You are right when you say, why let the momentum lag...you've got a great thing going! Can't wait to see what Feb. will bring for you! Love ya!