February 18, 2010

I Needed Energy - And I Found It!

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back to read the conclusion of my story started earlier this week of how I went from having zippo energy to working out nearly every day. (If you missed those posts, there are links on the right in the archives that will take you to them so you are all up to speed.)

As I have mentioned, the daily supplement that I found is called Vemma. When I first started taking Vemma, my body was host to a number of ailments that are very common in our western world...high blood pressure and high cholesterol to name two of the problems I mentioned in my last post.

I got it that I wouldn't find healing in a bottle, and was aware of the abundance of solid research that proves exercise can have a remarkable effect on these two disorders. I knew this all too well, but frankly, didn't have the energy needed to stick to a regular exercise regimen.

That is, until I started taking Vemma.

Timing is everything it seems. The day after my appointment with my doctor, a coworker of mine told me about Vemma. She said Vemma is a complete liquid nutrient supplement, loaded with 12 full spectrum vitamins, more than 65 essential plant-sourced minerals, and antioxidants found in the mangosteen, natural aloe vera and green tea added in. WOW. Complete liquid nutrition. All natural.

So, I asked my criterion questions....'has it been tested, and by whom?" Turns out it had been tested in a double blind study by Brunswick Laboratories. I read through the studies enough to see that Vemma has been proven to boost immune function and reduce inflammation, an underlying cause in so many diseases and illnesses today. I knew I NEEDED this stuff to be in my body and ordered it online.

Within a week of beginning this yummy, tropical-fruity supplement, I started waking up in the morning BEFORE the alarm, feeling rested! I began walking for 20-30 minutes in the morning, and in four short weeks my lab results proved that what I was experiencing was REAL! My blood pressure dropped 20 points, and my cholesterol was down a full 80 points! My doctors jaw was on the floor.

It's now been about 10 months, my blood lipids remain normal, I no longer need meds for gastric reflux, blood pressure is running 110/80, and I'm exercising nearly every day of the week. My thyroid has settled down also! And, for me, it all started with taking a high quality multivitamin. As the weight continues to come off, I fully expect to get off all my meds for good!

While Vemma is not a miracle drug I want to emphasize that it is pretty incredible what the human body can do when it is given the proper building blocks. Vemma provided my body with the tools it needed to get some pretty big work done...and now I am enjoying the fruits of that, and can get on with the hard work of changing old habits and patterns ~ my body is now equipped for that kind of work.

So, it seems very natural to me to not only take this amazing product but to share it here. I am not a sales person and never want anyone to feel like Vemma is all that I'm about...but I just can't deny how much this product helped me and it makes me think it could probably help lots of other people too. It's the real deal folks. I just cannot say enough about this product and the stand-up company that makes it.

To learn more about the amazing ingredients in Vemma (and the insanely healthy energy drink~with the Vemma formula in it~called Verve), visit http://itsinthejuice.vemma.com/. There is a ton of information there along with the scientific research that confirms the health benefits of the Vemma formula.

There is also a video that tells about the different Vemma delivery systems of this unique formula and see which one fits best for you and your family. The company just came out with a hydration drink that rivals the best out there - it's called THIRST, and there's info about it on the website also.

If you want to try it out, you can do that risk free...the company has a 30 day, empty bottle money back guarantee....that's right, you can drink this stuff for a whole month and if you aren't satisfied with it, send the empty bottle back and they will refund your money, no questions asked.

If you are in need of a high quality daily multivitamin, I hope you'll give Vemma a try...I think your body will thank you!

to our health,

P.S. Tomorrow, we'll wrap up the week with some info on other excellent supplements and super foods that help us function at our very best. Hope you'll come back for the conclusion!


  1. thats great that your doing so much better
    sounds like a great vitmain

  2. @Bee, yeah, it is. Now I can get on with it! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have to agree! I have mono and the Vemma is giving me the energy and vitamins that I have! It tastes great and my kids love the Next as well! They call it their vitamin juice. Thanks for turning me on to this!