July 1, 2010

What Else Can I Do Besides Run?

Was talking with the hubz the other night about the different things we're both passionate about, and the topic of running came up. If you've been following me at this here blog for very long, you know how I've wanted to, attempted to, and lately have been road-blocked from . . . running.

Now, the hubz isn't a runner and so it was perfectly logical for him to ask 'You are obsessed with running, aren't you?' {Ohhh, an open door to explain it all!} My face lit up and my heart was skipping happily as I reminisced about my old running-at-the-crack-of-dawn days . . .

 In college.

When I had my first real job.

And, as a newly married woman.

It just felt sooo good, the wind in my hair, my muscles waking up, the freedom I felt gliding down the street, and even the deep, rhythmic breathing...EXHILARATING!!

But when I glanced back at him he still sat there in bewilderment as to how any of that could feel good. Like I said, he's not a runner. He is very sweet, but he just wasn't getting any of this!

His crossed eyes looking back at me didn't bother me really, but I did have to admit that this desire to run again is perhaps me trying to grab onto a part of my youth, wanting to somehow hold back the hands of time.

For the most part I don't sweat the age thing, it's really only a number that represents a lot of living, lessons learned and some hard-won wisdom. But, physically speaking? I wanna look 40 and feel 30.

With all the trouble I'm having with my feet, I got to wondering later on if it is wise to hold on to the goal of running again {brilliant, I know}, particularly running as a regular form of exercise and cardio. Maybe there are other forms of exercise that fit me too {ding, ding, ding, ding}....my personality, my fitness level, my age, now.

So, a couple of days go by, and this morning I popped onto my blog and, almost like for the very first time saw that beautiful 50's bike in the background of my homepage . . . and thought . . . BIKING!

I love BIKING!

In high school I rode everywhere, to see friends, to downtown shops, to the public pool, to work. You can do it alone or with friends, on the street, on a trail, through the hills, even up and down a mountain! You can race if you want or just be a city rider, and set up a trainer in your living room in the winter. And, the best part right now for me...I can do it NOW.

I guess I had my heart so set on running that I couldn't think of anything else. Even my own tagline...

Losing My Behind
{one ride at a time}

So, as of today, I'm returning to my youthful and ever-living love of cycling. I don't know how far I'll take it or where I'll end up, but I kind of hope to become like that 92 year old woman I saw on the news the other night...riding her recumbant bike everywhere she goes, spry, lively, alert, fit and happy. Maybe I'll get into racing or riding those beautiful hills of Vermont on a biking vacation or who knows what else.

This seems almost like an adventure! Soon I'll be feeling that same 20-something wind in my hair, my sleepy muscles waking up, gliding down the street and probably, most likely gasping for air, ha! I CANNOT wait. Maybe I'll run again someday, but if I don't, its now okay.

What's your declared favorite form of exercise, and how did you arrive at the decision to focus on it? More importantly, what do you do when you can't do what you love?


Photos courtesy of Creative Commons: alarm clock, puzzle question mark


  1. I have drafted a post (not yet published) about this amazing senior couple who ride a tandem bike on the trails near me. They are so inspiring. I was waylaid for some time with an injury and could not get on my bike when the weather turned nice. But now I am riding again. I suspect I will think of you tomorrow when I am pedaling away:)

  2. I used to bike everywhere too, but never really fell in love with it. My husband, however -- his idea of a great time is a 40-50 mile ride. Ugh.

    For me it's swimming -- the only form of exericse where you can sweat without feeling sweaty. :-)

  3. @Karen - Curious about what you did while you were waylaid. Biking really is fun, but I know I'm gonna feel it when I move from the exercise bike to the real thing!

    @Susanna - Did you guys ever go on one of those bike trips, like in the New England states in the fall? I've seen brochures on those, so gorgeous! I think swimming will always be my favorite, partly because I'm such a committed introvert. :)

  4. Hi Cheryl - I decided yesterday that biking was definitely my "sport." I have the thighs for it, and I can do it no matter if I'm conditioned or not. We biked 20 miles yesterday with a lunch stop in the middle, and it was a great day. I'm just not built for running at all.

  5. I adore the weights
    I try consistently to FIND my cardiolover :) but so far? unsuccessful.
    I do it. but I dont love it.
    any of it.

    YET :)

  6. My two exercises for weight loss and fitness are biking (I try for 8 - 10 miles/daily plus an occasional longer ride), and treadmill walking at least 10000/most days. Please visit me on my blog http://marsial2010.blogspot.com/ I left a new post today about my new running (walking shoes). They are fantastic! I need to post a photo of my bike also.

  7. @Miz I am probably the opposite, tho when I actually do consistent weights, I find I really dig it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    @Marsial Thanks for stopping by and weighing in with what works for you! Will hop on over to your blog, too. :)

  8. @Carbzilla - Wow, 20 miles?! That's pretty amazing! Hmmmm, your comment about the thighs has me thinking, I think I fit that. Have always had pretty strong legs myself.

  9. My declared exercise is WALKING! I don't stroll though - I am really fast. It's funny about running because I long to run, but my knees only let me run one or two slow 5K's a year. I think I equate runners with being fit but I know that isn't the only way to get fit!

    I am biking right now too because of my knee.

  10. Running is my drug of choice, because, yes, to me it is a drug.... so relaxing, destressing, I do some of my best thinking while running. Then there are those days when I feel like I am running with God, as I talk to God, as I know him *not a church goer, but I have a Love for my God, a thankfulness for what he has done for me* I find those answers to life, as the wind blows through my hair and I can feel the sweat trickle between my breasts, every muscle screaming "I'm alive"! Then I hurt my back...surgery...three years later... I know I will not run again... I have been in mourning ever since. Any suggestions on how to get that same feeling? The same nice legs? The same motivation? Ah, just having a bad day and a pity party, thanks for the blog, it has been inspiring, I am walking now, it is a replacement, the sweat trickles slower and the wind in my hair isn't the same,the legs aren't as nice, but I will never give up.

  11. @Anonymous - I really feel your pain and relate to so much of what you shared ~ the destressing, the time with God to sort things out, the physical sensations that are unique, irreplaceable.

    Its been hard for me to accept physical limitations, really hard, to think that I can't do something I love and that makes me feel so good. But, my limitations are teaching me things I'm not sure I would have learned any other way and they are changing me in some surprising ways as I quit fighting.

    That said, what do you think about biking? I've a friend who rides her indoor exercise bike regularly and her legs are gorgeous! It's easier on the back (depending on bike style), joints, but still can be an excellent workout.

    Let me know what you end up doing. :)