July 26, 2010

How Do You Define Work?

How many of us go to jobs we hate, eat food we don't like, do workout routines that are boring simply because we feel we have to? Do you find yourself moving through your days with an "I-sure-hope-I-can-make-it-through attitude, eating boring food or food that doesn't nourish, watching television that fails to entertain?

Somehow this is how we've come to define work. It is no wonder that we dread Monday, fall off the diet wagon and find a million better things to do rather than work out...like watch mindless TV or eat. We are simply bored.

Find something you love to do and you'll never 
have to work another day in your life!  
~ Harvey Mackay

I embrace this quote, I ♥ it! Yet, so many of us never experience that in our lives. My personal philosophy has always been that life is too short to eat food I don't like, and that's how I gained 100 pounds! There is a measure of responsibility to assume, but, really, . . .

Our lives should not be filled with so much unpleasantness!

I'm learning that there are healthy foods that don't pack on the pounds that I actually LIKE. The ones I don't like? Umm, I don't eat them. But, I do experiment.

There is just too much variety, spice and adventure, too many flavors (literally AND figuratively) to be tasted to simply just endure, day after day. We were made for so much more!!! (DISCLAIMER: Okay, don't try ALL the flavors of ice cream here, it's just a picture to make a point.) :)

At some point it's good to ask ourselves why DID we choose this job, house, diet . . . you fill in the blank.  And, if we find that we've outgrown the old reason or it's just no longer working for us, to do ourselves a favor and welcome a little change. Of course not all things can change immediately, but  

There is always something we can do TODAY 
to move toward our best life. 

That attitude alone releases an energy reserve we didn't even know we had.

Since being laid off my 9-5 almost a year ago, I've spent a lot of time thinking about these sorts of things.  In spite of all the wonderful opportunities given to me by my previous employer during my time there, I knew in my heart that some changes in the basic structure of my life were needed. Badly.

So, I decided to take advantage of the new "opportunity" presented to me, {i.e. having no place to report for work!}, and set out to make a new life for myself.  I'm happy to share that things are going real well! Always a work in progress, but . . .

NEW kind of work ~ CHECK!

NEW way of eating ~ CHECK!

NEW way of moving ~ just yesterday, CHECK! Here's what I picked up yesterday, a little dreamy number to work my body in a way that I ADORE!

Isn't she a beauty?! No more staring at the TV monitor as I count down the minutes on the treadmill. No more dreading the dungeon exercise room with body smells from previous users. No more just sucking it up to get through. And no more gym membership fees. NO! I will feel the breeze in my hair and across my skin as I ride this beauty queen!

Work does not have to equal torture. Why do we do this to ourselves? Who are we listening to that we think our only choice is the one that makes us suffer?

I welcome your thoughts in the comments.

Werkin it and still smiling,


  1. I have not worked in over a decade. I started looking for something part-time a couple of years ago but really believed I should find my passion and do something fulfilling. But I had no idea what that would be!!! So I agree with your premise entirely:) Suggestions are welcome!

  2. Congratulations on your new bike! Fabulous... And, I agree with the Harvey Mackay quote! Don't waste a second being miserable. Bloom where you're planted or replant yourself asap.

  3. Nicely said. I am a member of the happy camp myself. I heard the quote from Harvey Mckay when I was younger and I loved it and accepted it as truth. It makes life easier when you do what you love. Sometimes that doesn't work though, so I say, love what you do. Even if it is hard, if you get good at something then you end up liking it. When I was in the Army, I was terrible at push-ups, so I focused on doing them lots and lots, then I got good at them, and then I liked doing them. However I don't always adopt that theory. Sometimes I just avoid what I don't like and do what I love. :o)
    PS. Love the bike!