July 21, 2010

Two-A-Days Are . . .

This week the hubz and I are on a staycation. :) With a week off work, we're hanging out at home, cooking healthy meals, swimming, staying up late, sleeping in, just goin' and doin' wherever our hearts lead! Gotta say, it's been a blast! Who says you need a lot of money for a fab vacation?

So, not much posting this week, but I have been getting my workouts in. And, for the last couple of days I've been toying around with the idea of shaking up my workouts a little to get the needle on the scale to move. And, by move I mean move downward! After a couple of weeks of icky stuff going on and a few pounds up, things are now turned back around for the good.

While at my chiropractor's office a few months back, he shared with me how working out twice a day for just 20 minutes could really help me. Then, I read the same thing on the Jillian Michael's website today, altho she insisted the amount of time should be more like 40-45 minutes twice a day to make it really worth the while.  

And, I got an idea. Two-a-days that escalate. (hey, that rhymes, it's a sign!)

I thought, how about I start out riding my bike twice a day for 20 minutes each session 5-6 days a week, and increase the time by 10% each week until I get up to 45 minutes sessions? I think its sustainable, and it should help with my metabolism. And it means by October 1, just 9 short weeks away, I'll be riding 49 minutes twice a day!

I threw out the idea on twitter this afternoon and got some great feedback, AND little miss Andrea, aka @celeryinthecity said she would join me! That girl has lost 80 pounds, 80 pounds people! She's working on getting the last 20-30 off and is hoping that this little stepped up workout plan will help her achieve that. You can check out her blog HERE.

Me? I am back on track, makin' tracks, and now committing to doing it twice a day. Starting maƱana!

Wanna join us? Just leave a comment stating you're in, and we'll all cheer each other on! You don't have to ride a bike, but commit to doing whatever exercise you do twice a day.

And, if not, just sit back and watch us whittle our waists and be inspired. :)

Now Riding Twice,

P.S. I've got the progression week by week in the sidebar....always rounding up because it just wouldn't be right to round down. :)

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  1. oh man, thankfully you did the math on the sidebar! hahah we'll rock this :)

  2. With school and work I barely have time to fit in my workout each day but I will cheer you two on for sure!

  3. I admit that I am so lazy that the thought of two showers is a big deterrent to me. Pathetic, I know. In the spring and fall though, when it is not so horribly hot outside, my neighbor and I will walk in the afternoons and I do feel very virtuous to get in a second exercise session. Not sure I'd be motivated enough to do it on my own. But the extra calorie burn is great and if I am walking I can't be snacking!

    Can't wait to see how it goes for you:) And I am eager for some cooler biking weather for myself when I head to MN next week!!

  4. There you go again throwing out a challenge and making it doable! I'll dip my toe in this by adding a second work out or something to my day.

  5. Cheryl. I love the idea. I am going to try that out in the next month. :o)

  6. @Andrea - Yes we will rock this! Just making this pact with you has gotten me out there more than I would've on my own!

    @Amber - And, we'll take all the support we can get!! Thank you!

    @Karen - Oh boy, I hope Minnesota doesn't disappoint you! I think we're supposed to have record heat and dew points this week. But, early morning rides are usually still okay!

    @Pam - If you get on and off a bunch of times, you might be able to count riding your motorcyle as your second! By the way, does she have a name?

    @Heidi - Very cool...let me know how it goes. I'm already seeing results!