July 28, 2010

What You Should Know Before You Reinvent Yourself

Earlier in the week I wrote about how
our work,
our eating,
our workouts,
should never be miserable. I believe that if we hate what we're doing, we aren't doing our best. And, that my friends short changes just about everyone I think.

Living and working and reaching our goals should be FUN.

But, there are some things we should know before we embark on change. Call it a nice dose of perspective or reality . . . its just good to know what we are getting ourselves into.

First, this whole business of reinventing ourselves, whether we're talking changing our bodies or our careers or whatever, it is work. Not the kind of work described at the top of the last post, but still, it doesn't come easy.

But, it's not supposed to be easy. 

If it came easy, we definitely would not respect it in the morning. If it was easy, we wouldn't feel pushed or stretched. If it was easy, we wouldn't grow. So let's here it for HARD!

The other thing about reinventing ourselves is that sometimes it doesn't pay the cable bill or buy nice clothes or expensive nights out on the town. It might mean making some lifestyle adjustments. But, really, what would you rather have...a kick-ass day where you love what you're doing, believe in it with your whole heart and feel good at the end of the day OR cable TV?

Reinventing ourselves also takes time. I've never met anyone who truly changed their life that sped their way through it. It takes patience, thought and sometimes some very hard emotional work. So, the choice is, would you like to be ecstatically happy about your life eventually or spin your wheels, get frustrated and end up turning back to continue shuffling along in boredom?

All rhetorical questions with obvious answers. Changing our lives is going to mean some work, it might not make us rich over night and we gotta be patient. But, the upside is INCREDIBLE. EXHILARATING. EXCITING. 

... and SO worth it!!!!

After watching Breakthrough with Tony Robbins last night, and seeing what can be done if we can somehow pull ourselves out of the rut we're resting in, it makes me wanna push even harder to realize my goals.

Today out on my bike (still yet to be named) I rode for only about 20 minutes around my neighborhood. There are some hills...not huge ones, but noticeable nonetheless. I was purposely choosing to not go in one particular direction because the last time I went that way on a bike (last year), I had to walk my bike back up the hill. Humiliating.

But, then I thought about that couple last night on Breakthrough, and decided to go for it. Thinking about Kerri donning a swim suit spurred me on. Thinking about Mary with her open water swims, and I knew I had to try. And you know what?

I made it back up!! Without walking!

I was breathin' heavy, sweat was rolling down my chest, but you couldn't wipe that smile off my face if you dared to try! A small accomplishment? Relatively, yes. Important? Absolutely crucial. Now I can tackle bigger things.

And, about the hill . . . it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. That's the thing about our fears...they are almost always never as bad as we imagine.

So, what holds you back from change, or from trying something you've failed at in the past, or even just climbing out of your rut? How are you short-changing yourself staying the way you are? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Facing it,


  1. OMG - I am soooo in the middle of drafting a post about how on my big I choose my routes to avoid certain hills!

    Here is my question. How do I go about reinventing myself? Suggestions anyone? Maybe I need to blog about that notion and ask for advice.

  2. @Karen - got a post coming on that in a couple of days! And, btw, I don't think we should be tackling all the hills at once! Loved your post today, the "just one" diet. Hilarious!