July 29, 2010

Tell the Truth Thursday

Hey hey readers!

Gonna try something new here on Thursdays for a couple of weeks. Because we are all so busy, sometimes reading full length posts gets . . . well, we end up skimming, right? I know I do.

So, every Thursday, the post for the day will be a quickie...simply what I've learned over the past week summed up in quick, easy to read statements. Or maybe questions. {Because it's true, sometimes questions tell us more than answers. :)} No long-winded treatise or heart-rending, detailed account. Just something short, sweet, and hopefully helpful.

I can't promise it'll always be earth-shatteringly profound, but I can promise it'll be real. I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't share what I'm learning because I think its too elementary, that it couldn't possibly help anyone else. But . . .

We never know how sharing what we are learning 
will impact someone else.

I hope you'll join in the comments with some of your own realizations, lessons, questions. Let's help each other get our truth on, eh? If this strikes a chord with y'all, I'll keep it coming.

So, here's installment #1 of {drum roll please}, Tell the Truth Thursdays.

We are learning a whole lot more 
than just how to lose weight . . . 
we're building and shaping our character. 
No scale or disapproving look can take that away.

Set backs happen.
Plateaus come.
And, we do slip up. 
So what!
This is not a race, it's a new life we're building.

We cannot continue to do the right things
and see no results.  

Consistency is key to growing,
even when,  
especially when
we don't FEEL like it. 

What truths are you telling yourself today?



  1. Hi...just found your blog :)

    I love "we cannot continue to do the right things and see no results."

    Here is one for you.... baby steps turn into giant leaps over time.

    Glad I found your blog..I'm looking forward to following along :)

  2. Helping others as we help ourselves is a WONDERFUL thing--so many healthy bloggers are doing that. I could do more. Truth? I am more selfish than I should be and I think I can do everything alone. :( FACT: God helps me with both when I remember to go to him. :) Awesome Cheryl!! LOVE the bike post too!

  3. @Lisa So glad you found me too! I like your statement too, baby steps >> giant leaps! How true, if we could only imagine that with each baby step we take, how they all add up.

    @Mary I hear ya on trying to do things the independent way...take it from someone who's made that mistake, that being a Lone Ranger is a lonely way to go at anything, and God did not create us for that. We are at our best when we are in community with others! Miss you girl, would love to get together soon!

  4. I saw your comment on Waisting Time about the huge bag of kisses. There was a time where I could eat a few kisses... now I must eat as many that are in my house! AH!! Happy I found your blog!

  5. I am brain dead from my long car ride to your fair city:) But I love this idea.

  6. @Food Addict Glad you found me too and vice versa! You know the weird thing about the kisses, too, was that they made me feel itchy. Weird, huh?

    @Karen It takes constant practice for me to be brief! Thot I would add the discipline into the whole bloggy thing. :) Glad you are having fun here in Minneapolis!

  7. My truth is plateaus make me want chocolate!