June 30, 2010

Wet Workout Wednesday

One of the greatest things about where hubz and I live is the pool in the backyard. There is nothing better on a summer morning than to lap the pool a bunch of times...the air is cool, the water is warm {enough} and its easy to just get lost in the rhythm of each stroke. It also can be an excellent workout, burning tons of calories...a 200# person swimming or treading water vigorously burns 454 calories in 30 minutes!

Swimming has always been a favorite for me ever since teaching myself to swim at summer camp!  If you aren't lucky enough to have a private pool, it can be a little bit tricky using a public pool to get real exercise. But, it can be done.

If the pool is the right dimensions (more oblong) and depth, laps work really well. Our pool has some curves to it and a pretty significant shallow end, so I swim laps around the perimeter of the deep end. I wear my Polar heart rate monitor so I know exactly how hard I'm working, and step it up for more intense intervals with strokes that take more exertion.

If laps aren't your thing, water aerobics accomplish very much the same thing, tho usually a little less intense. Clearly if you belong to a gym like Lifetime Fitness, there are water aerobic classes to sign up for. However, if you don't want to shell out the cash for a gym membership and have access to a public pool, water aerobics are a really wonderful way to get an excellent low-impact workout. Maybe you can even start your own little water aerobics group!

I like to switch up my water workouts, so I did a little research and found some simple water aerobics exercises that I've worked into my own routine. Here's a short video that demonstrates a really simple water exercise: use a noodle while you jog for a good upper and lower body cardio workout:

One of the best parts of a water workout is that afterward you can treat yourself to a nice soak in the sun (don't forget your sunscreen) and not feel guilty about it! After all, you got your workout done and you're absorbing your vitamin D requirements for the day!

For the next several Wednesday's, I'll post a new water aerobic exercise that you can take straight to the pool and try for yourself. :)

What's your favorite way to enjoy exercise...not just endure it or get through it, but REALLY enjoy it?



  1. What a beautiful backyard! I did a water class at the spa and it was fun. I like working out with other people best.

  2. @Karen Thanks! They do a nice job of keeping it green and clean. I didn't think I was going to get a good workout the first time, but I did!