June 29, 2010

Slow and Steady

So, I'm down .7 pounds today!

I am surprised AND happy that I lost. . . and surprised THAT I'm happy at my small loss. On top of that, I've always loved a good surprise, which in turn makes me happy all over again!

Okay, here's the scoop. The hubz and I continue to move further and further into a healthy lifestyle, and maybe just maybe it's starting to pay off?

Could it be all those fresh eggs w/ sauteed veggies?

Or the leafy green salads topped with chunky cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onions?

Or maybe the soup loaded with yet more veggies and some beans are helping?

The thing that is bringing such delight with this small loss is that we're loving this style of eating. It doesn't feel like a diet, we don't sense any deprivation. Zip. Nada. None.

It's also been fun to shop for good, local, fresh food, kind of like being on an adventure! We're mingling at the farmer's market among people who grow what we're eating, we're checking out the many co-ops around our great city and partnering with a lot of very smart people who are into quality, healthy food. What is not to love about all that?  Somehow, now when we sit down to a meal, it takes on new meaning.

But wait, isn't losing weight and eating healthy supposed to be, uh, a drag?

I guess not! I'll take my .7# loss and continue on in the adventure. It doesn't seem like much, but lets put it into perspective, a perspective that we can all relate to. It IS like losing nearly 3 sticks of butter packed around my organs. That's something to be happy about, wouldn't you agree?

Granted, BL ranch weekly losses are much, much higher. But, I'll still take my .7# loss. And, I'll keep working, no matter how long it takes. Maybe I won't reach my initial goal of -120# in 2010, but I'll be closer than I was had I not tried at all. And, the fact that I'm writing that and REALLY believing it is proof that things are changing on the inside too. And, that feels really, really good.

If we believe we are working on a worthy goal, something that is totally worth the effort despite setbacks or mistakes made along the way, we simply cannot give up. There really is just no other option but to keep pressing forward. We might feel down or discouraged, but things worth achieving or having usually don't come easy or fast.

This .7# loss is slow progress by most people's standards. In my 53 yr old, peri-menopausal body, some of this is to be expected. So, I've adopted a new motto, a slogan if you will, and I'm using the late, GREAT Mr. Jim Rohn's words:

"How long should you try? Until."

What's your motto, what are those words that you have posted on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door, or above your desk that keep you moving forward?

With you along the road,


  1. Great job on the weight loss! I hope I don't find any of it! LOL

  2. The slower you lose, the better chance it'll be permanent weight loss. That's the only type you want anyway. The quicker we lose, the more the body slows the metabolism and fights (with hunger, more operating efficiency) to put it back on.

    Who cares how long it takes if you get to keep it? Let people all around you win the sprint, you'll win the race.

    Pat Barone, CPCC, PCC
    America's Weight Loss Catalyst

  3. You are moving in the right direction and doing it in a way that you can easily sustain! Great quote.

  4. hahaha--so .7lbs is like 3 sticks of butter? I like the thought of losing THAT! yuck! I just gained .6--ewwww! (I once played some game--I had to eat something blindfolded and state what it was--ugh--and I got a chunk of butter. I think it's still grossing me out--can you tell?)

  5. @Pam Thank you. :) I hope NOBODY finds what I lost!

    @Pat I think as long as I can see a downward direction in my weight while I'm working toward healthy living, I'm good. I'm probably losing the weight at about the same rate that I gained it.

    @Karen Yeah, keeping the whole process in perspective and not getting swept up in competitiveness/at-all-costs kind of weight loss...that's what I'm shooting for. Thanks for your comment. :)

    @Jen Ick, I know. I don't think that butter is all-bad, in moderation, but being able to have something tangible to compare a .7 (or .6!) change to helps me keep it all in perspective!

  6. .7 lbs a week is not slow, it is very normal. Unfortunately entertainment based weight loss has set some unreasonable expectations for most people. You are doing great! Keep it!

  7. Cheryl, that is exactly how I am looking at it. If I lose it slowly, I should be able to maintain it easier. And I will take ANY loss, no matter how small!

  8. Good for you, always keep working, like Nike says, there is no finish line! I am so happy for you, you are making so many great changes and the weight loss will come! GREAT Post!

  9. @Pamela Well, the .7 wasn't in a week, it took like 3 weeks. Nonetheless, I still agree with you!

    @Jo Me too, friend, me too. :)

    @Mary Thanks for stopping by, Mar...and for the encouragement!