March 15, 2010

There Will Be No Bike Riding At This Rate

It's Monday, and my weekly visit to the scale was not too encouraging. In fact, I experienced a gain of 3.2 pounds. I can't even begin to describe how discouraging this is.

How exactly does a person gain weight when they have a calorie deficit of 750+ calories a day? If losing weight is a simple equation of calories in calories out, then my weight really oughta be on the downhill slide.


I have been consistent:
  • 1600-2100 calories/day (recommended amount is 2100-2200)
  • Excellent adherence to ratios of protein/fat/carbs (recommended by a professional dietition at a respectable club)
  • 3-5 workouts each week (cardio & strength training)
  • High quality vitamin supplementation
  • a gallon or more of water every day
  • Solid 7-8 hours of sleep with very few exceptions
Knowing this, I think it may be time for some adjustments. Our bodies tell us all kinds of information if we'll just listen, and as much as I do not want to put all my hope in the scale, the lack of consistent downward movement of its needle in the last month has me pondering. I've also experienced more tiredness this past month. So, I'm asking myself: What else can I do to move things along?

And, this brings up an important step to keep all of us moving forward toward our goals. While goals DO need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound, they also require us to handle them with a sense of fluidity. Periodically we should be asking:

What's working? What isn't? What might work better?

This is the best way I know to ensure that dreams and visions for the future stay connected to reality, and that we don't end up giving up all together.

So, I ask you, do your goals need tweaking too? If you are having trouble like I am, I encourage you to spend a little time and see what you can adjust. I know I will be doing this, and I promise to UNVEIL the new and improved list next time!

Come back on Wednesday to read all about it and to share your own renewed plans to find your dreams!

You-turns being contemplated,

P.S. If you have an experience to share of when you adjusted well laid out plans and strategies and how those adjustments propelled your forward, please contact me here!


  1. Good luck on re-evaluating your goals and methods of achieving them. Sometimes there is just no explanation for our gains but I do know that if you stick to it your body will catch up. Sometimes we need to shock it with a new routine of different foods and exercises.

  2. if you have been losing weight at 1600+ calories, I would not change a not be at all discouraged by that 3lb gain.

    I would not even take it into consideration with your weight loss/gain numbers unless it is still there in a few days. As women, our bodies are in constant flux. Perhaps simply adjust your sodium intake. I agree with Weighting Around...just different foods and exercises might help.


  3. I know it can be frustrating. All I can say is hang in there, keep good notes and keep doing the right things. Think of all the great health benefits you are reaping by eating well and exercising.

  4. if you have been losing weight at 1600+ calories, I would not change a not be at all discouraged by that 3lb gain.

    I would not even take it into consideration with your weight loss/gain numbers unless it is still there in a few days. As women our bodies are in constant flux.

    I agree with Weighting Around about just trying different foods and exercises. Also, consider recent sodium intake.


  5. Changing up my exercise - like morning some days, nights some days and adding weights has seemed to boost me out of a plateau. I know how maddening it can be!

  6. I don't get this! My body loves it's fat. If I don't do everything exactly right (whatever that is, manual please!) then I don't lose the weight. So whatever you figure out girl, I would love to hear it. I am going to kick it up a few notches myself, with the sunshine and pending summer clothes future, I must drop weight in order to get to the weight I dream of. I am with you! I support you. You can do this, don't let that dumb 3# get you down. Hugs.

  7. It's VERY possible that your body is GAINING muscle... which weighs A LOT. Keep doing what you're doing, and don't get down!!! This has happened to me before... and I just had to keep going. Good luck, you're doing GREAT!!

  8. Yeah, I hate the times when Wii Fit says "oh you've gone up since last time"... :P But you've just got to keep at it, right? The thing to remember is that you're on the right track, eating right and exercising.

  9. You all make such great points ~ am in the midst of formulating my goals and they should be in tomorrows post. :) Thank you so much!

  10. UGH Cheryl - I feel your pain. This last month saw three blizzards here in PA. I caved to my carb cravings... YIKES.

    I love the reminder you share... our bodies tell us all kinds of things if we'll just listen. Such good advice - get quiet, tune in, and act on what you hear.