March 30, 2010

I'm Sorry To Tell You, You Are Not The Biggest Loser

It seems when Ali says those words very early on in a Biggest Loser season, they come a little bit easier. But, as the weeks roll by, relationships develop, bonds are formed, and I can just tell that she really hates to see these folks go home.

If I had been a contestant on the Biggest Loser this past week, I would have been the one to go home because I gained back 2 pounds. What the heck. I'm not in a contest, competing against other contestants for a giant financial reward or working out 8 hours a day. No, I'm just an ordinary woman trying to eat right, exercise and reclaim my health, and simply working for my right to just be alive and healthy and active for another 30 years or more!

When I started this whole program, I didn't have a specific "diet" I was going to follow. I've been on so many over the years, have learned a lot, and decided to take all the little things I have learned from each one and make up my own program. And, that first month, I lost 10 pounds. Success!

Then, I decided to get all fancy schmancy. I talked to a dietitian, I tracked my food, I worked out more, and you all know that my weight has barely budged now for two months. Up and down, up and down. If I were seeing a downward trend, I'd be cool with that. But, something has got to give. My newfound success in month one feels like so long ago.

I'm not saying that everyone I've worked with over the last two months is wrong, I'm just saying that for whatever reason, their plans are not working out for me. And I think that "whatever" reason has to do with my blood sugar, insulin response and the kind of calories I am consuming. At least I'm pretty sure that's the culprit.

Enter: A Week In The Zone, a book written by Dr. Barry Sears, the author of The Zone: by the year 2000, more than 5 million copies were sold! This book doesn't give quick fixes or magical promises. Rather, it is sensible, practical and very very doable.

Isn't it funny that we spend soooo much money on books that we hope will deliver a silver bullet? We are desperate as we feel our own wastebands expanding, and yet the problem is not going away. In fact, America is getting bigger and bigger every year.

Don't you think that if the problem with America's obesity rate was fat that we would be well on our way to eliminating the problem? We consume far less fat than we did 15 years ago, but just take a look next time you walk down a city street....we are getting wider all the time, and Dr. Barry Sears believes that it's not the fat that's making us fat.

No, he believes it's the simple carbs we consume that spike our insulin, and its insulin that makes us fat and keeps us fat. (NOTE: This is NOT a high protein diet like Atkins. Please read on.)

Dr. Sears has my attention. He doesn't propose a new fangled diet.  Instead he presents a very strong case for why simple carbs are wrecking havoc on America's health, and a very simple, straightforward solution. I promise you, this stuff isn't tough to figure out. It's not complicated. It IS scientific, tho, with Nobel Prize-winning research to back it up.

We don't need drugs, we don't need surgery, we don't need another diet to go on only to abandon. We don't even need diet foods to lose weight. No, all we need is lots and lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats.

The easiest way to understand this program is to start using high glycemic carbs such as bread, rice, potatoes, corn, etc. as condiments, not the main course. If we can manage to make this mind-shift, we'll start to lose weight permanently, prevent disease, increase longevity and control insulin and blood sugar levels. I think it's worth it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who either struggles with their weight or knows someone who does. Hubs and I are going to give the program 30 days. I'll report back on May 1 with our results!

$10 on Amazon. Not bad at all.

To health and long life,


  1. Awesome post. I totally can relate to what you wrote here, we are getting bigger. I will have to check this book out one day, thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Another great book that takes an amazing approach to weight loss is, "The Slow Down Diet" by Marc David. He was my teacher to become a certified food psychology coach and it was the first time losing weight ever made sense to me. I too tried dieting and calorie counting with no results, then I found this approach and now it is my career. Just a thought!

  3. I think the Zone is pretty sensible, good luck with it!

  4. Ok...I was nodding my head so many times throughout this post! During the month of March I lost 5 pounds. Definitely didn't reach my goal of 9 pounds, but it would have been acceptable. Except that last week I gained BACK 3.2 of those pounds. And I found myself scratching my head. I worked out every single day last week. I had no binges, no sneaking food. I ate within my calorie range most days, and the couple days I went over, I still stayed under the amount of calories I burned that day. These things should not equal a gain of 3 pounds. I find myself so discouraged this week. What gives? But then I read your post and I nod. Yep, my diet has steadily become much more carb/grain based. The difference? Now those carbs are mostly whole grain, natural. But not all of them. And history tells me that my body loses weight the less grain-based carbs I consume. And I watch shows like Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and Food Inc. and I am reminded that corn based products (ie - high fructose corn syrup, etc.) ARE.IN.EVERYTHING! I DO NOT want April to be a replay of May. I want to get that 10 pounds a month loss rate back. I'm confident I will...but it is still the battle of what I am consuming that makes the difference. Your post is full of wisdom...I look forward to learning more from your Zone experience!

    Rock on Sistah! We ARE doing this...even despite those pesky gains!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  5. Thanks you guys. It is frustrating to work so hard following the conventional wisdom of calories in/calories out and not see results, but there is no way I'm giving up on my goals! None of us should. And, I'm so glad for friends who are honest and willing to reveal the real story behind their efforts.....its just so very encouraging to know I'm not the only one struggling. {hugs!}

  6. I know we are all different and different diets work for some of us and not for others. But I have to agree with the science of the Zone. I am on South Beach, not to be confused with Atkins. SB is also about complex carbs and lots of veggies and fruits. Good luck:)