March 17, 2010

I WILL Make It!

A good friend of mine asked me the other day if I felt like it was a good decision to go public with my weight loss journey of 2010. Without hesitation, I responded with a definite YES! Telling the world that I am on this journey is a humbling thing for sure, but it is keeping me accountable and on track. Even when things don’t go as planned, it’s so great being surrounded with folks who ‘get it’, who have been there, and who care.

So, first I think a big thank you is in order to everyone who comes to read, to comment, to share and/or to support in this incredible journey I’m on!

Going public, in my opinion, with any kind of personal goal means one of two things:
1.  You are really serious about reaching that goal OR
2.  You are starved for attention!

For the record, let it be known that I am REALLY serious about my 2010 goal of losing 120 pounds! Perhaps once I accomplish that I’ll be ready for the attention thing, but for now I’m content to stay comfortably in the background, thank you very much. :)

But, WOW.  120# in 12 months.

That means on average 10 pounds a month should be lost, never to be found again, to stay on track. Ugh. I am behind. The plan was (and continues to be) to manage my body in a responsible manner… to lose pounds and inches the HEALTHY way…no crash diets, no insane exercise regimen, and no BL ranch (though I really wouldn’t mind that last one!).

Will I make it?

I will eat normal food, but work on making healthier choices. I will exercise my body but resist the temptation to become a workout fiend. I will learn to deal with my emotions and personal issues square on instead of piling food on top of them. And, finally, I will tell you guys about it as I go along. I reiterate these things to remind myself of what I’m REALLY trying to accomplish.

I really WANT to make it.

But, I soooo hate being behind the 8 ball. Because I am SERIOUS about reaching this goal, and since I am NOT giving up, I took some time to take stock. What’s working? What isn’t? How does my plan need to be refined? Here’s what I came up with:


I will lose 120 pounds or 5 pant sizes in 2010, whichever comes first.

I was putting way too much emphasis on the scale, and was even considering skipping strength training so as not to gain muscle. Ridiculous, I know. My real goal is to change my body composition, fit into smaller clothes and be HEALTHY! If I get into jeans that are 5 sizes smaller than what I wear now, I will be HAPPY regardless of how much less weight that is!


I will work out first thing in the morning before my calendar for the day fills up.

My intentions to get to the gym are good and honorable, but there always seems to be one more thing to get done before I go. No more. Working out is a priority for me (more about that next week) and as such, is first on the list.


I will keep my plan simple.

I just don’t do complicated AT ALL. So, no fancy schmancy detailed annoying plans. Eating and living an active lifestyle isn’t supposed to be complicated, and neither should learning to eat and move for good health. I will remember that the quality of my calories is as important as the quantity, and in order to change my body and my life I need to do something different than what I did to get to this uncomfortable, unhealthy, unattractive weight.

So, there it is. This is simple. This is doable. This is challenging. This I can do!


Now, I have one other thing to share that is VERY exciting! I met a local photographer through Twitter a couple of months ago, and just today he offered me a FREE photo shoot once I reach my goal! He said it’s his way of inspiring and motivating me to keep going! It’s so great when others believe in us, isn’t it? I’m already imagining what I’m going to wear and where I want to do the photo shoot!

So, thanks to Jerry Johanning for believing in me and showing it with this very kind offer! Can’t wait to show off the new me! (A side note about Jerry: he did most of the photography for Christopher from Project Runway season 6! Talented? I think so!)

This blog is, and always will be, about gaining all the signs of life back….energy, vitality, activity .... and sharing that journey with you.  Looking good is going to feel VERY good, and I CANNOT wait for the photo shoot, but more than that I am doing cartwheels about the prospect of being healthy again. And, thanks to all of you, I WILL make it.

As always, I love to hear what you think and any helpful suggestions you’ve picked up along the way to a healthy lifestyle! Please share in the comments or email me here.

Yours in the journey,


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons


  1. That is so great Cheryl! I love how you think and you are certainly on the right track. We all have much to learn from you. Thanks for being such an inspriation to us all.

  2. Woohoo! You go. I believe you can do it too. Photo shoot? Awesome! That will be so much fun.

  3. I like number #3! That is how you will accomplish your goal and stay fit and healthy for life.

  4. How exciting! What a generous offer from Jerry! What a goal to keep you going. FUN! Keep it girl... cheering right along with you.

  5. What great goals. I too am on a weight loss journey and I believe we met at the prior fat girl/future prior fat girl meet up. I thought you were so amazing to go after this goal. I too have over a hundred pound to loose, I have lost 65 so far and I started in April 2009. I am hoping to meet my goal by October. I tell you all of this to know you are not alone and have support!

  6. Wow, that photo shoot will keep you motivated. I love your goals and I love your simple,sensible approach. I truly believe it is the way to lose the weight and keep it off.

  7. Cheryl,

    It is really nice to have the accountability of blogland. I really like it for the same reasons you do, it's nice to know that someone out there is struggling through the same things.

    It sounds like you are on your way to losing. Although, I must be honest with you, (and you know I love you!) just make sure that your goals are not too lofty. Now, I'm not saying that you can't do it, YOU CAN, but just make sure that those goals are something do-able for you, if not, adjust them, because you have to do whats right for you, and you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to lose weight. Sometimes it takes longer than expected, and if it does, please be patient with yourself. Good luck lady, and I had a fun time talking with you at Jen's get-together!

    Hope (Need motivation, you know you can email me!)

  8. VERY encouraging post! I think we do, too often, make this whole weight loss thing too complicated. Meshing your goals seamlessly with normal, every day living is the way to make lifestyle changes.

    Just yesterday, I was talking to someone about blogging my weight loss journey. I totally agree with you about the accountability and support. Deciding to blog this journey is, for me, right up there with eating right and exercising more under the "how I am being successful at this" heading.

  9. Thank you all for all of these comments and for being excited right along with me! I DO want to add that I considered adjusting the amount of pounds to come off in 2010 because I am behind. And, if I'm anything it's realistic, but I talked with my doctor about it and asked him if he thought it was realistic and safe for me to lose 2-2.5 pounds a week...and he said "Absolutely!" So, I swallowed hard and said, "ok, then I will." :)

  10. I totally agree! By putting it out there, you have to step up to the plate and put your money where you mouth is! It has been a huge help to me to blog thru my weight loss! You WILL do it!