March 1, 2010

Reaching Out

Do you have LOTS going on right now?

Do you look at your to-do list and sometimes not even know where to start?

That's exactly where I'm at right now.

And, we all know what that's like. When the work that is demanded of us mounts higher and higher, we can begin to feel like we've got our very own personal giant(s) that we must somehow slay all  by ourselves.

Right now, I've got THREE giants that are storming towards me, but as I cling tight to my commitment to face each one square-on, I hardly know which way to face. Feelings of overwhelmed-ness are looming.

That is, until I received this from my hubs this morning:

With all of those giants that you are facing, none are immortal. They can each be slain by YOU. I know that. You know that too. You are a strong woman. David didn’t put all 5 stones in his sling at once. He knew that one at a time was the way to go. Each hour/day, focus on Only. One. Giant. Ignore the rest during that hour/day.

The weight animal was put under submission by you less than a decade ago. You know how to do it. You have proven yourself capable of doing it. In fact you are much more knowledgeable now, and have so many more weapons available to subdue this wild animal. By choosing your weapons wisely, the battle will be won by you.I really believe that you can do it !!

Right now, I see your only goal is 10 pounds in March. Break it down. 10 little steps. April, May, etc. do not exist right now. Only March.

Now, how can I NOT have a great day after that? Support from those who love us is MONUMENTAL in our success!

In that spirit, I want to give a big, huge shout out to Jen at Prior Fat Girl for organizing a fabulous meet-up this past Saturday morning at The Beat Coffeehouse in uptown Minneapolis!

It was a solid two hours of meeting, listening to and talking with 40 other women all fighting for the same thing....a healthy, whole body that looks good and feels good. Thanks Jen for your hard work in putting this together!  It was fun and INSPIRING!

We simply must do much more of this reaching out....and, more often! Who inspires you, and who can you inspire today?



  1. great post Cheryl...and thanks to the hubs for sending you that awesome and inspirational e-mail...and for you for sharing was indeed an inspiration for me too! I am thankful for the support of husbands today too...mine decided to join me on my C25K challenge and we jogged together this is nice to have someone to work out with! Gotta go...more giants to tackle! Great seeing you on Saturday!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  2. @Holly - that's so great that your hubs is joining you on the C25K challenge! I talked with my chiropractor and he is recommending I wait to take up running til I lose a bit more feet ARE a mess right now, and this would excacerbate the problems. I'm disappointed, but maybe by summer I can take it up!

  3. Wow~ what an encouraging and loving note from Lon. Great post.