December 31, 2009

Goals: Writing Them Down

Have to say that all you guys are amazingly cool to give your support the way you have.  Just amazing and awesome as I gear up today for the big launch tomorrow ~ January 1, 2010.

Gearing up for me isn't really about getting the groceries I need or buying new shoes (altho I'd love some new pink shoes).  No, first things first.  Before anything else, I need to take all the dreams, visions and inspirations that are residing right now in my head, my heart and pumping through my veins and get them down on paper.  I gotta write this stuff down.

I once heard that the only difference between a goal and a dream is that goals are put into writing.  There may be a couple of other differences I think, but hey, I think the point is still quite valid.  I mean, just think about the last time you went to the grocery store and didn't take a list!  I forget stuff all the time that way, so I don't think these wild and crazy and wonderful aspirations in my heart today are any different.  I may think I will NEVER forget what I want, but I will.  Been there, done that.

So, here goes.  Here's my weight loss and fitness goals for 2010 that will enable me to lose 120 pounds in 52 weeks:
  1. Go to the gym 5x a week, exercising a minimum of 30 minutes each time.
  2. Mix up the routine, 3 days cardio, 2 days strength training.
  3. Eat more vegetables than meat or carbs, and make 3 days a week total vegetarian.
Okay, now here's the breakdown.  I learned about making SMART goals from my friend (and former boss!) Pam Court.  SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.  Cute and helpful little acronym.  Pam, if you're reading, let me know if I did it right, ok? ;)
  1. Exercise without pain - end of Feb 2010
  2. Walk/jog daily - April 2010
  3. Lose 60 pounds - end June 2010
    1. 10 pounds/month
    2. Increase activity level 
      1. Aerobic exercise 3x week (walking or other)
      2. Strength training 2x week
    3.  Moderate food intake--balanced meals using whole foods with a focus on lean protein, fresh fruit and veggies.
    4. Avoid deprivation by enjoying good, quality food in tasting proportions vs. super sizing everything.
    5. Adopt new habits that are sustainable for the rest of my life (i.e. routines, meal prep)
    6. Immerse myself in challenging work, stimulating social interactions and reading material - AVOID BOREDOM!!!
  4. Go off blood pressure meds - end of Sept 2010
  5. Able to play one-on-one basketball w/sons & husband with ease - Nov 2010
  6. Lose 120 pounds - end of December 2010
  7. Participate in a bike trip in New England - Summer 2011
  8. Vacation in the Caribbean, comfortable in a bathing suit, able to participate in any activity I choose (snorkeling, swimming, jogging on the beach, etc.) - December 2011.
There it is. It's not really my Bucket List (more on that to come), but if I don't do these things I may as well not even make a bucket list.

What do you guys think?  Are these goals SMART? 

December 30, 2009

Coming Clean

Welcome to Losing My Behind, my personal journal that will document the loss of 120 pounds off my body in the space of 52 weeks! I have made up my mind to get my thin body back. It's been buried for nearly 20 years, covered up by layers of emotions that I didn't want to deal with at the time. No more. I am now arranging my life in order to find those beautiful bones and muscles that I know for certain are there, and prioritizing their care and nourishment as they emerge! I expect bumps in the road but will not take my eyes off the prize. My heart is set. My gaze is fixed. I won't be deterred, so help me God!

I think it's good and helpful to come clean, and sometimes in the public eye, so here's my confession: I have reached for food when stressed. Lonely. Sad. Frustrated. And even happy. Food became my friend which sounds kind of dumb, doesn't it? Well, some friend! That "friend" has cost me dearly. Lost opportunities. Lowered self esteem. Health challenges that require daily meds. These have been my expensive, constant and very annoying traveling companions. I invited them along every time I used food to deal with my emotions.

But!  January 1, 2010 marks the spot in the road where these feet are turned in a different direction! An about-face if you will. I've researched and read all about this. I've talked it to death. I've made half-hearted attempts chock full of planned short cuts. Now, folks, it's just time to get down to business and run the race that is in front of me.

This journey is not about extremes. It's not about a crash diet or becoming an exercise freak. It's about me learning to live life and to enjoy the simple pleasures in the proper amounts. It's about feeling my emotions and allowing them to flavor my life. It's about having a body that serves me, looks great and is as healthy as possible. It's about eating to live instead of living to eat. And, for nearly the first time in my life, it's about me. Me.

So, those traveling companions I mentioned? They've been put on notice! I'll be picking up some new buddies along the way. Confidence. Self Respect. Courage. I can hardly wait to meet them.

And, I hope you will come along too, because I think I'm going to need all the encouragement, support and love I can get!  If you or someone you know is pulling out all the stops on the same road as me, tell them about this blog.  And, feel free to comment with whatever you want to say...ideas, thoughts, inspiration, your own experiences....I think it will all be so helpful!

This is going to be a trip I will never forget, and I hope by me sharing it publicly, we will all reach our goals, no matter what they are.