April 12, 2010

It's A Giveaway ~ A Zevia Giveaway!!

I'm very pleased to announce that Zevia, Nature's Answer to Diet Soda is sponsoring a giveaway of their delicious all natural soda through this here blog! Last week they sent me a free mixed case to taste test and review . . .  AND to give three of my readers a chance to try it for free too!

So, first the review, and then the giveaway details.

The Review

I honestly LOVE this soda. I do admit to you that I am NOT a soda conoisseur, but in my opinion this bubbly beverage is tasty, fresh and light, and I feel good both while I'm drinking it and afterwards.

The 7 flavors they offer are Cola, Root Beer, Twist, Orange, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, and Dr. Zevia.

My absolute favorite is the Orange, though the Root Beer and Ginger Ale run very close in the runner up positions. The flavors are distinct but not overpowering or strong....I find the soda very refreshing and thirst quenching. Hubby loves them too and he doesn't typically drink diet soda. There aren't ANY of the flavors that I disliked....I would suggest, tho, that if you are really tied to your equivalent soda flavor, keep an open mind. Zevia might taste a bit different, but the difference is not a bad one. At all.

So, I give Zevia a solid thumbs up! And, I'm willing to bet most of you will like it too.

Soda ~ We Love It And Hate It

I find that us soda drinkers have kind of a love/hate relationship with soda. We hate it because we know it's bad for us, and we love it because, well, why DO we love it?  One brand claims their product has "no caffeine, no sugar, no sodium." So, exactly what IS in there?!

Bubbles. We LOVE our bubbles. Maybe a little sweetness. And maybe a little bit of flavor. But, mostly bubbles.

So, if it's bubbles we're really after, lets drink some healthy ones and just make it all about love! Zevia says they have produced the first truly all natural (read: nothing artificial) diet soda. It contains zero calories and zero sugar....and is sweetened with the stevia plant.

Stevia is an extremely safe herb that is not only an excellent sweetener, but it actually lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics by helping to regulate pancreatic function. And unlike sugar which weakens the immune system, stevia has antimicrobial properties and actually helps the body fight off colds and flus.

So, now your soda can keep you healthier! Maybe your company will even supply it to reduce workplace illness. Imagine the possibilities! ;)

The rest of this week my posts will be devoted to the other stuff found in soda, i.e. sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. and the effect they have on our bodies. And, why Zevia is such a GREAT soda option.

Now, the fun GIVEAWAY part!! 

Zevia will send three of my readers free Zevia soda to try for yourself!
  • Two readers will receive a mixed 6 pack!
  • And one lucky reader will receive a full mixed case!!  
And, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below about why you love AND hate soda, and include your Twitter handle. That's it, nothing complicated.

You can also receive extra entries by one, tweeting out this post (making sure to mention @LosingMyBehind so I know about it), AND yet another by hopping on over to my Facebook Fan Page and becoming a fan!

The giveaway runs all of this week, ending on Sunday, April 18th at 9 pm Central Time. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on Twitter next Monday, April 19 in the morning. Make sure you follow me on Twitter if you aren't already so you don't miss the big announcement! You'll have 24 hours to claim your prize by emailing me through Twitter or Facebook at which time final details will be exchanged!

Okay . . . GO!



  1. I love soda because of the bubbles, I love how they tickle my throat. I hate soda because I can not give it up. I am down to 1 a day but oh how I love that 1.

    Twitter: fitnspicy

  2. I love soda (or pop as I call it) because Diet Soda just seems like a low calorie treat. I love the yummy flavors and like Mellissa, the bubbles. =)
    I hate soda because of the sodium, and the way it can affect your teeth.

    My Twitter Handle: AlexaTC

  3. I love soda because it is filling. One tall glass can keep me satisfied and helps me stay away from sweets. I hate soda because I do not like to consume anything with aspartame. I try to eat as naturally as I can and diet soda is a big no-no for me.
    Twitter: WaitingAround

  4. I love diet soda because its a sweet treat but I hate it because of the artificial sweeteners.
    Twitter: Doxie_Mom

  5. My Love/Hate relationship with Soda. Love it because it is tasty and alcohol free. As a kid we always had Iced tea, or lemonade in the house. I didn't like either, i was a rebel drinking soda, Mountain Dew by the case as i got older.
    Hate it because of all of the extra calories, hate it for the caffeine I get enough from my coffee, Hate it because I have switched to Diet and fooled myself that this is O.K. Hate it because I have trained myself to have a dfiet Soda rather than water..
    Slowly changing my habits now...
    Twitter @eyeseephoto

  6. I have always had a weird relationship with soda because we were never allowed real soda,only diet soda in our house. I love it because it goes down well with some fries, but then I hate it because it makes me want to eat more junk food for some reason! I just associate it with bad eating.

    twitter: celeryinthecity

  7. I love soda because it's bubbly (the feeling of the bubbles in a cold soda passing by your throat on a very hot day is unbelievable) and refreshing. Bubbly is the word that resumes my liking. Plus, there are some interesting flavors like vanilla-cola or lime-cola, Dr.Pepper! And I dislike it because they leave my teeth feeling weird, like if they loose the smoothness, plus, it makes me crave for more and more sugar each time and don't get me started on gastritis. :)

    Twitter: @laeeely

  8. i have to have my diet coke every morning..its like coffee to me even though i dont think the caffene is the reason i drink it..it does fill me up and i love diet dr. pepper for a treat too..what i dont like is spending all the money on it..water would be so much cheaper! HA


    Twitter- juliejth

  9. I think my love affair with soda has mostly ended, but the occassional no cal treat from a diet soda is really nice. I hate the artificial sweetners and colors most sodas add.

  10. I like an occasional soda but am almost always disappointed. It never tastes as good as it did when I was a kid. I hate that companies change formulas to use what's cheap rather than what makes a good product.

  11. I like soda!! Just don't like the sugar or the artificial sweeteners that are used. I bet my hubby would like the root beer flavor for a float!

  12. My husband is drinking this right now! He read about it in a book about a belly reducing diet. He loves soda because it gives him something to do... drink... while he is reading or watching TV. He hates it because it is more expensive than water.

    MeWaistingTime on twitter

  13. Pat S says I have liked real soda all my life but since I am losing weight now, I will not have the stuff. I don't like any diet sodas because they will kill you with all the chemicals in them. I would rather drink a coke than a diet soda.

  14. I'm addicted to diet coke so this could be a good solution for me!