August 12, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

Did you know that song was The Beatles last #1 song in the U.S., and their real last single? Yep. I would love nothing more than for this 2010 journey to be my last trip to the Permanent Weight Loss Club, too.

Big SIGH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But, this whole process of figuring out what works for my body and what doesn't really does have me maneuvering down a twisty, winding path this time around. Getting motivated to get started was a very large part of this fat battle, but staying motivated when my body doesn't work the way I expect or want it to is a pretty big part too.

My two-a day workout plan has not quite worked out how I hoped it would. :-/ I really thought it was realistic, and that's why I committed myself to it and posted it for all to see. Now I see that some adjustments are needed, but I know it's not the end of the world. There was a time when I'd just feel so defeated at this point that I'd give up and go into hiding. THAT'S not going to happen this time.

I will confess that prior to starting this two-a-day plan (as seen on the right sidebar), I was NOT  working out every day or even 5 times a week. But, as I often say to myself when making my new goals:

"How hard could it be?" 

That attitude has pushed me out of my comfort zone many times with some pretty great results, but it wasn't to be this time. For two weeks I did meet my goal of 5 days a week, twice a day with time increasing incrementally. So, yay for that!

The other great thing was that I dropped some weight, about 4 pounds! So, I think this old girl's metabolism was forced to do more, and that's a very good thing. Another yay for that!

I'm also making an appointment with my doctor to discuss going off my blood pressure meds! Yes, that's right, my blood pressure over these last two weeks has dropped dramatically. This is really big and wonderful news! Have to see what he says, but I am very hopeful.

What I didn't count on, tho, with my two-a-day schedule was being totally exhausted. I was so wiped out. I couldn't decide if it was the heat or if I was pushing too hard or if maybe I wasn't eating enough, but I was not waking up in the morning fact, my mornings ended being a total waste because I just could not get moving. I didn't increase my calorie intake, so if my metabolism was indeed fired up, I may need to eat some of my exercise calories to make it through.

So anyway, I listened to my body and gave it what it was screaming for: REST. I took several days off, and now I'm feeling back to normal. I hopped back on the bike today and the 25 minute workout felt fabulous...all sweaty just like it should be! I'm still not sure how to adjust the two-a-day plan except to say that I may need to get some longer, more consistent workouts under my belt before I move to two-a-days. My 25 minute week just didn't happen. :(

So, for this week, I'm playing it by ear. Will attempt a couple of two-a-days and see how it goes and report back to you next week. Feel free to ask me about it if you don't see a post about it soon, ok? How's that for accountability?

I'm wondering, what happens to you when you set a goal and miss the mark? Is it easy for you to evaluate, adjust and move forward or do you get stuck, stall out or quit?



  1. Whoo hoo you had a great workout :) I often make goals that I miss the mark on usually because I give up then I get depressed/overwhelmed and quit trying to lose weight.

  2. Cheryl you are an inspiration! Thanks for telling all. I've tried the two times a day work out and hit it maybe every other day. The good news I've increased every other day! Pushing through to healthy!

  3. Thanks for all the honesty. I wasn't a 1000% this week myself. But it was so darn hot!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm feeling better and the heat is starting to back off so I'm hopeful. I've heard that when we fall off the horse we just get back up and try again. It's the consistency that pays off.

  4. you know--why don't you just do the plan once a day--increasing every day. But maybe do it in the am? I am wondering if the evening exercise was messing with your sleeping?

    Did you end up naming your bike? The end of last week was crazy, and we went away for the weekend--so I missed stuff posted on FB during that time! :P

    And YAH for 4 lbs! ;) That's awesome!

  5. For me, it all depends on the goal. I am trying to balance learning to forgive myself and let go of guilt with not letting myself off the hook.

  6. @M I know exactly how you feel. Not sure why really but I never used to consider the possibility that I would learn something whilst pursuing something, thus making an adjustment a good thing!

    @Pam Way to go! That might have been a more sensible plan for me to start with, double every other day.

    @Vemma Man YES, it was horribly hot!! Glad to be back into some normal temps a fabulous workout in yesterday riding around a Minnesota lake!

    @Jen My reason for the 2-a-days is because I continue to do all the right things and my weight isn't budging, so the two a day thing was intended to kick my metabolism in the butt! Worked, but it also kicked my butt in the process! My friend Pam joined me, but started out doing 2-a-days every other day. That woulda been wiser I think. Live and learn! :-/

    @Karen Wow, does that sound familiar. I'm so given to introspection that I rarely let myself off any hooks, but the forgiving oneself part is pretty key I think.

  7. Ok-I'm really new to blogging. But I have a question? How often should a person weigh in, lately I feel like I'm making great progress but I seem to be obsessed with the scale.

  8. @Liz There are different schools of thought on that . . . personally I usually weigh once a week, but stepping on more frequently than that can help me see what my body is doing. It can get detrimental to step on often or even to trust it too much when you're doing all the right things and the scale isn't budging.

    I haven't updated mine on the sidebar (gonna do that as soon as I finish this comment!) because I am just so totally stalled out right now. Thanks for the nudge!

    I have a friend who weighs every day, but only reports publicly once a week.

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  10. Im trying to learn not to give up completely when I make a goal and then fail. I used to just always quit all together. But Im getting better at that now!